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In this paper we present a case study demonstrating how dynamic and uncertain criteria can be incorporated into a multi criteria analysis with the help of discrete event simulation. The simulation guided multi criteria analysis can include both monetary and nonmonetary criteria that are static or dynamic, whereas standard multi criteria analysis only deals with static criteria and cost benefit… Read more →

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Hi, hot dorkage, sorry for late. I just waited if there is some more comments. We need to look at macro level. The intervention aims to increase participation in self care and leisure, wellbeing and quality of life and reduce crisis service use.Methods: The United Kingdom Medical Research Council framework for the development of complex interventions was used to guide… Read more →

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This is a great cause for concern among police forces around the globe as many of the firearms, knives and other metal weapons used in violent crime are potentially valuable sources of fingermark evidence. In this study, a highly sensitive and non destructive surface science technique called time of flight secondary ion mass spectroscopy (ToF SIMS) was used to image… Read more →

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Like real life kidnapping cases, the FBI says victims shouldn pay the ransom. That only encourages continued criminal activity. Plus, there is no guarantee the files will be decrypted, and the affected files can become corrupted, rendering them unrecoverable.. People reduce carbon dioxide in a traditional liquid electrolyte like salty water, Wang said. Want the electricity to be conducted, but… Read more →

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For him, camping is an emblem of American culture, bringing in larger themes and other topics of the dinner scene, in which two of the characters’ Chinese backgrounds played a prominent role. After explaining his line of thinking, Daniel arrives at the extreme sounding conclusion that Ben wants Lindsey back, despite their respective marriages. This sets the motions in play… Read more →

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With the inclusion of PWL adaptive currents they can also support bursting behaviour, though remain amenable to mathematical analysis at both the single neuron and network level. In fact, PWL models caricaturing conductance based models such as that of Morris Lecar or McKean have also been studied for some time now and are known to be mathematically tractable at the… Read more →

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