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During Brommer’s career, the percentage of unionized workers plunged throughout the country. Minnesota is a state where unions were strong. According to the Bureau of National Affairs, a private research company, just over 18 percent of non farm workers in Minnesota belonged to unions last year compared with 44 percent in 1970. On Friday night after eating a delicious bowl… Read more →

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The gender pay gap issue has become an especially contentious topic of late. The revelation this week that RT news anchor Sharon N Bheolin is paid far less than her male colleague Bryan Dobson has highlighted the differences in pay experienced by men and women in all industries. At one point, N Bheolin was on 80,000 a year less than… Read more →

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He sought to act positively following these tragedies, in hopes that the lives lost during this time would be the last. He directed his energy toward spreading the doctrine that from tragedy can come good; from conflict and hardship can come peace and well being.His excellence and accomplishments have been recognized through a number of awards, including the 2009 Stavros… Read more →

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“I thought that she set the bar really high again, just like she did in 1991,” Schwarzenegger said of Hamilton, who trained for a year to get in fighting shape. “Especially as a woman in her 60s now. There’s no action lady out there that I know of who’s in her 60s doing what she does. Zyron Eharis Kaina, Upcountry.… Read more →

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Correction to: Extending Data for Urban Health Decision Making: a Menu of New and Potential Neighborhood Level Health Determinants Datasets in LMICs (Journal of Urban Health, (2019), 96, 4, (514 536), 10.1007/s11524 019 00363 3)Thomson, D. R., Linard, C., Vanhuysse, S., Steele, J. E., Shimoni, M., Siri, J., Caiaffa, W. He took a year’s sabbatical from The Washington Post to… Read more →

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The hormone relaxin is important in female reproduction for embryo implantation, cardiovascular function, and during labor and lactation. Relaxin is also synthesized in males by organs of the male tract. We hypothesized that relaxin might be one component of seminal plasma responsible for eliciting the female cytokine response induced in the uterus at mating. A ‘human rights compliant’ model of… Read more →

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