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In order to be a better RPG, ME would need to give players more meaningful choice, both low level (stealthy, combative or diplomatic approach) and high level (moral choices). It would also need to get rid of the retarded black and white morality system. In both games, you don’t actually have to think about any of the moral choices you… Read more →

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La Chapelle tait remplie jusque dans la salle d’exposition derrire la scne : 200 personnes pour la musique de chambre et pour un ensemble local, un soir o deux vnements d’importance taient aussi l’affiche. Le jeune Trio Reiner a maintenant son public et cette salle comble est d’autant plus significative qu’aucune mention d’anniversaire (de deuxime ou. De troisime, selon le… Read more →

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The work the contractors will perform in Sunnyside includes excavation and construction of an approach structure that will allow the LIRR existing tracks to connect to one of the four rail tunnels that have been built below Sunnyside Yard. This will complete the physical connection that will run from the tunnels under Grand Central all the way to daylight in… Read more →

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You likely spotted the logical inconsistency there, which also happens to be the point of this meandering thought: If triumph is the only possible outcome, then why is failure even a thing? The answer at least as far as I concerned is that triumph and failure are both defined after the fact. Sure, someone might have failed in their attempt… Read more →