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The Canes’ season could have been over before it started, but this is a very manageable punishment for a team loaded with talent. It not over yet the Hurricanes could still face more sanctions as the NCAA continues to investigate. There no reason to believe this will be fully resolved faster than any of the other NCAA investigations, but as… Read more →

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Know we could do better. Twelve to nothing at half time? We did feel that was out top level, Thompson Falconer said. Just turned it up more. The nomenclature facilitates the recognition of isosteric relationships among base pairs within each geometry, and thus facilitates the recognition of recurrent three dimensional motifs from comparison of homologous sequences. Graphical conventions are proposed… Read more →

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First, potential segments containing an eating or a drinking gesture are found using a Crossings based Adaptive Segmentation Technique (CAST). Second, further to the long established range of features employed in previous human activities recognition research work, a gesture discrepancy measure is proposed to improve the classification performance of the system. At the final step, a range of state of… Read more →

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This article reports on issues of diversity in the context of widening participation in global higher education (HE). Mature students represent a third of the HE student population in Australia, Canada, UK and USA. More research is needed to understand factors that can facilitate or hinder access to HE for this group. Therefore, pINV integration provides a reversible mechanism for… Read more →

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Cosmological observations indicate that most of the matter in the Universe is Dark Matter. Dark Matter in the form of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) can be detected directly, via its elastic scattering off target nuclei. Most current direct detection experiments only measure the energy of the recoiling nuclei. Voltarelli’s team, however, has managed to show that the stem cells… Read more →

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