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Glassvisage, I understand that you wrote this for a college assignment; however, even college assignments require some kind of balance to be considered reasonable. As you can see, there are hyper egalitarian weasels who would forsake all individuality so we can all march toward Utopia. Your college assignment fleshes out the true biased of conformists. Suburban WildlifeHere in Parkville, a… Read more →

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I wouldn’t be concerned because all babies are different. But therapy couldn’t hurt. My DD (dear daughter) sees a physical therapist every other week through Early Intervention (free if your child’s on medicaid, and they come to your home). Rounding out the features are two last items. First, Sony has a Apps function that allows you to use one application… Read more →

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No VR startup other than Oculus has been better funded or more talked about than Magic Leap. Promising to essentially reinvent computing and entertainment, it has attracted over $1 billion in funding from marquee investors, while remaining secretive about its actual product. That has started to change with the company releasing some information about its first product. C. Sculpher, M.,… Read more →

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This harvesting, according to Dr. Hooper, would consist of building unconventional Dyson Spheres that would use the energy they collected from stars to propel them towards the center of the species civilization. High mass stars are likely to evolve beyond the main sequence before reaching the destination of the central civilization and low mass stars would not generate enough energy… Read more →

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UPDATE 1pm: Welcome to our live coverage of the 2016 Heathcote District Football Netball League grand final. Over the next few hours we’ll be bringing you live updates from Huntly as football and netball teams play for 2016 premiership glory. Refresh this page throughout the afternoon for the latest updates, and check back later for links to all our coverage.… Read more →

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“No. Think it was a first timer. Nice adjustment, [WR] Michael Crabtree and [QB] Colin [Kaepernick]. Here this method is utilized to visualize the water in soil in situ and in three dimensions at successive reductive matric potentials in bulk and rhizosphere soil. The measurements are combined with numerical modelling to determine the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity, providing a complete picture… Read more →

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