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G., Miskimen, R., Mushkarenkov, A., Neiser, A., Oberle, M., Ortega Spina, H., Ostrick, M., Watts, D. P., The A2 Collaboration Werthmller, D., 25 Jan 2017Article in European Physical Journal APhoton asymmetry measurements of p 0p for E= 320 650 MeVGardner, S., Howdle, D., Sikora, M. H., Wunderlich, Y., Abt, S., Achenbach, P., Afzal, F., Aguar Bartolome, P., Ahmed, Z., Annand,… Read more →

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Every week we get together to discuss the news of the week. We discuss technology, the future of business, the weird and the wonderful and things that change the world. Okay let’s start. The Gun Control Act of 1968 was signed into law by then President Lyndon Johnson. The law was an all encompassing package of regulations which put many… Read more →

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Walsh Interchange: D. Douglas, J. Haslam, C. In his office Dr. Tanner studies photographs taken of a new discovery at Romania. Several human corpses, dating from the Middle Ages, were found in a cave in the Carpathian Mountains while some straying skiers were being rescued. This appears to be a constant current regulator, which functions as a voltage regulator by… Read more →

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Human trafficking is an all encompassing term for a type of modern slavery where the victims suffer violence, starvation and threats against themselves and their families. They are forced to work as prostitutes, or in factories or as domestic servants at little or no pay. Victims can include children and adults, foreign nationals and people born in this country.. Believe… Read more →

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By comparison, Washington safety Brandon Meriweather was handed a two game suspension for a hit during an exhibition game for a sixth violation of player safety rules. Broncos kicker Matt Prater has been suspended four games for violating terms of the league alcohol program as a repeat offender. Gordon, who has appealed, was suspended for two games last season, and… Read more →

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However, the Roman world was linguistically diverse “multilingual, not bilingual. Especially since the pioneering work of James Adams (Adams 2003, cited under General Overviews), classicists have begun to engage more fully with modern bi and multilingualism theory and practice and to explore more systematically beyond Latin and Greek, literature, and the elite. This article is designed to introduce some of… Read more →

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