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While I understand that CBP cannot officially approve MacArthur Airport as a User Fee Airport until the customs facility is at least 85% complete, that should not prevent CBP from engaging in an active and open dialogue with the community as they move toward that milestone. Close coordination and active input from CBP is critical to ensuring resources and time… Read more →

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A total of 84 employees completed four consecutive daily diary survey three times a day comprising 880 data points. Multilevel analysis was used and results confirmed that intensive internet use was higher on days of high demands and low resources for those with higher baseline levels of compulsive use, and intensive use was weaker on days of high resources. Additionally,… Read more →

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The Deschutes Children Foundation is unique because it provides facility management free of charge to many nonprofits. They have been able to reduce overhead expense for their partner nonprofits allowing them to focus solely on helping children and families. Over 20,000 clients receive services from child abuse intervention and prevention, mentoring, preschool, pediatric dentistry and help screenings, mediation and physical… Read more →

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Training aggressive dogs is a specialty and unfortunately could cost you a fair amount of money, but the end result is well worth it and you don’t have to worry about losing your dog. Most obedience and training schools won’t take aggressive dogs as most of the places run classes with other members and won’t let them be endangered. The… Read more →

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Many of the club top players and units are underachieving. The coaching staff merits some criticism. There also 13 weeks remaining for the organization to right itself and validate owner Jimmy Haslam vow not to “blow things up” at year end.But heading into a brutal five week stretch, including dates with the Chargers, Ravens, Broncos, Rams and Bengals, the roster… Read more →

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This paper provides a survey of recent work on computational intelligence approaches that have been applied to prostate cancer predictive modeling, and considers the challenges which need to be addressed. In particular, the paper considers a broad definition of computational intelligence which includes evolutionary algorithms (also known asmetaheuristic optimisation, nature inspired optimisation algorithms), Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Fuzzy based… Read more →