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These weren’t tree hugging Greenpeace activists that Japan was fighting, either, but pragmatic officials trying to preserve an industry with the current life expectancy of Jesse James’ next marriage. If you make money from fishing bluefin tuna, and bluefin tuna go extinct, you are out of business. It’s really not complicated. My heart physically ached for Brooke as you could… Read more →

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The Ministry of Education is putting more emphasis on teaching styles that help students solve real world problems. This paradigm shift in its approach towards education will help the country nurture millions of its students for the tech savvy local as well as international markets.Singapore, on the other hand, is another country working towards the transformation of its education system.… Read more →

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We identify three broad methods deployed in this endeavour: ‘scaffolding’; ‘putting the past to work’ and ‘bracketing’ which evidence practitioners ‘desperately seeking fixedness’. We make three contributions first, we provide empirical insights into the experiences of the increasingly significant, but still under researched, DBA student. Second, we develop our understandings of monsters of doubt through illustrating how these are negotiated… Read more →