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Both sites already have drawn interest from potential investors, they say.Legal pot sales alone are expected to reach $10 billion by 2018, according to The ArcView Group, a marijuana industry investment company in San Francisco. Sales of pot related products, from dope infused health bars to cannabis laced sexual lubricant, are among products expected to skyrocket.Another man, from Missouri, is… Read more →

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Animals use signals to coordinate a wide range of behaviours, from feeding offspring to predator avoidance. This poses an evolutionary problem, because individuals could potentially signal dishonestly to coerce others into behaving in ways that benefit the signaller. Theory suggests that honest signalling is favoured when individuals share a common interest and signals carry reliable information. The oral tablet formulation… Read more →

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Of course, this is old news to nutritionists and naturopathic physicians, who have long been urging patients to avoid the consumption of refined carbohydrates and especially refined white sugar. Not only is white sugar known to cause nutritional deficiencies and suppress immune system and brain function, it also promotes both diabetes and obesity. Now we can officially add cancer to… Read more →

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A Health Reimbursement Account (“HRA”) is an account based group health plan that provides reimbursement for expenses for medical care up to a maximum dollar amount over a fixed period. HRAs provide tax advantages to the employer and the employee participating in them. HRAs are funded solely by employer contributions. Endogenous attention is typically studied by presenting instructive cues in… Read more →

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We transported the suspect from the Townsville hospital to the Townsville police station the suspect behaved in an extremely violent manner, forcing police to stop the motor vehicle to restrain him. As a result of that, officers received some injuries including cuts and abrasions as well as a bite mark to the leg, Supt. Rohweder said.. Alcohol was commonly portrayed,… Read more →

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The rolling bottle test (RBT) (EN 12697 11) for loose aggregate mixtures and the saturation ageing tensile stiffness (SATS) test (EN 12697 45) for compacted asphalt mixtures are two such methods, which experience suggests, could clearly discriminate between good TM and poor TM performing mixtures in the laboratory. A more fundamental approach based on surface energy (SE) measurements offers promise… Read more →

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Systemic ocular hypotensive agents were suggested infrequently. Our results suggest that treatments may vary substantially in ocular conditions, particularly in conditions for which neither guidelines nor high quality evidence exists. This study highlights the need for novel strategies to address evidence gaps in veterinary medicine, as well as for better evaluation and dissemination of current treatment experience.. Kiss Cam will… Read more →

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Gerry: Yes. And it seems like it’s directed at a large number of health effects, but if you look at the underlying cause of these health problems, it’s all free radicals, and so it’s really the antioxidant capability of Bioastin to get in and quench free radicals. With rheumatoid arthritis it’s an immune rejection of joints, and the first immune… Read more →

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