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Scandal in the statehouse and increasing opposition to the war. At the moment, political strategists of both parties say, the Republicans who have dominated Ohio politics in recent years would likely lose both the governorship and a Senate seat. As many as five House seats are also at risk, including that of indicted Congressman Bob Ney, who pleaded guilty to… Read more →

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Spreck, who recently graduated from Stillwater High School, says her relatively wealthy, conservative community provided her with a fairly mediocre sex ed experience. “If somebody got pregnant, they would just disappear from school and then nobody would know,” she says. “You’re left to wonder, ‘Did they get pregnant? Did they go to rehab?’”. Producers of perishable and seasonal agricultural products… Read more →

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For example, in 2012 smoking prevalence at booking was 11.6% in THIN using data recorded only during pregnancy, compared to 19.6% in SMR data. However, the use of smoking data recorded up to 27 months before conception increased the THIN prevalence to 20.3%, improving the agreement.Conclusion: Under recording of smoking status during pregnancy results in unreliable prevalence estimates from primary… Read more →

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This may occur around the mouth or milk ducts, the vagina in women, or beneath the foreskin in men.Oral candida often consists of a whitish covering of the inner cheeks, gums or throat that can be scraped away, but may also manifest as a red, sore tongue1. Oral candida is common in individuals with HIV, but can occur in anyone,… Read more →

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