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For example, in 2012 smoking prevalence at booking was 11.6% in THIN using data recorded only during pregnancy, compared to 19.6% in SMR data. However, the use of smoking data recorded up to 27 months before conception increased the THIN prevalence to 20.3%, improving the agreement.Conclusion: Under recording of smoking status during pregnancy results in unreliable prevalence estimates from primary… Read more →

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This may occur around the mouth or milk ducts, the vagina in women, or beneath the foreskin in men.Oral candida often consists of a whitish covering of the inner cheeks, gums or throat that can be scraped away, but may also manifest as a red, sore tongue1. Oral candida is common in individuals with HIV, but can occur in anyone,… Read more →

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During our meetings I found that across cross party lines, all of the staff we met were interested in our proposal and complimented the market based approach. They shared that they wanted to hear from people in their district, and every day their Member of Congress got a report of what topic was communicated by phone, email, letters, and social… Read more →

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Where I see progression with Luck and Wilson I see Kaepernick and RGIII struggling. I like the mobile QBs are they can turn dead plays into first downs and it makes defenses play more honest. But at some point you must protect yourself (RGIIIs problem) and sometimes you need to win the battle as a QB, not a runner (something… Read more →

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Similar bans of the procedure known as dilation and evacuation have passed in Oklahoma and Kansas, but are not in effect due to pending court challenges. A third such ban became law in West Virginia when that state Legislature overrode Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin veto in March. Symptoms: People may develop nausea, belly pain, dark urine, fatigue, and a yellowing… Read more →

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By allowing the import of steel, you encourage the dissolution through insolvency of native steel firms (because they often struggle to compete economically with imported steel). This means that you now rely on imported steel for things like tanks and what have you. During times of conflict, there’s now the risk that your enemy will cut your supply chains through… Read more →

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Blooming suddenly on a rainy dawn, confetti like showers of white flowers are spread all over the bush, displaying their beauty to those inside our garden. But the perfume is what is even more alluring. It floats into our open windows and uplifts everyone’s mood. The study of the outer planets has since been revolutionized by the use of unmanned… Read more →