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It is not caused by guns or the media, although news reports don help. It is a DISEASE. Believe me, if I could just up I would. Recent research suggests that sound appraisal can be moderated by social identity. We validate this finding, and also extend it, by examining the extent to which sound can also be understood as instrumental… Read more →

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It’s an usual situation for him and for us. Perhaps if Kieran O’Hara wasn’t playing so well, we’d put him in goal!”(Image: Epic Action Imagery)If Broadhead does not recover from his ankle issue, it would be obvious to slot Akins into a forward position but Clough said: “We want Nathan to play if he can. He’s in good form at… Read more →

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This PhD is a theoretically informed empirical investigation of contemporary patterns of time allocation among managers and professionals in dual career households. Focus centres on three key elements of time allocation, namely work, care and commuting. Specifically, this thesis addresses three research questions: (1) Which theoretical approach(es) mainstream, institutional or feminist offer the most suitable explanation of individual and household… Read more →

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The action would extend a limited ban that was put in place in March. At that time, the United States and Britain barred passengers traveling through airports in 10 Muslim majority countries from carrying laptop computers, tablets and other devices larger than cellphones aboard direct inbound flights. The larger items were to be stowed with checked luggage.. 13 on ESPN,… Read more →

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One group, the Economic Freedom Fund, has been running ads and sending mail against Democratic candidates in Georgia, Iowa and West Virginia. In one mailing, the group accuses Democratic Rep. Leonard Boswell of Iowa of voting to let lawyers”sue Little League for scrapes and bruises during a game.”At issue was Boswell’s vote in 2004 against legislation that would have provided… Read more →

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Hoover, the failed president, but I think arguably the single greatest humanitarian in the history of our country who took food to feed 600 (million) or 700 million people while working for a Democrat (President) Woodrow Wilson. And Henry Wallace, a Republican who stepped across political lines to help FDR, was the first to advocate taking American agricultural know how… Read more →

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Do you really know how much radiation is offered in a CT scan?To understand just how dangerous this exposure is, consider that in one year, you are naturally exposed to about 3 milli Sieverts (mSv) of radiation due to background radiation in space. Compare this to undergoing a single CT scan of your head, which can expose you to about… Read more →

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