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Identifying perinatal depression with case finding instruments: a mixed methods study (BaBY PaNDA Born and Bred in Yorkshire PeriNatal Depression Diagnostic Accuracy)Littlewood, E., Ali, S., Dyson, L., Keding, A., Ansell, P., Bailey, D., Bates, D., Beresford Dent, J., Clarke, A., Gascoyne, S., Gray, C., Hackney, L., Hewitt, C., Hutchinson, D., Jefferson, L., Mann, R., Marshall, D., McMillan, D., North, A.,… Read more →

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A follow up report on the Soviet nuclear arsenal is scheduled, but other sources confirm that Moscow is steadily building up its atomic stockpile as well. NATO officials this week said the Soviet Union had deployed another nine SS 20 three warhead missiles since Moscow left the intermediate range nuclear force negotiations in Geneva late last year, bringing the total… Read more →

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The letter comes as Democrats plan to take up a number of proposals on the House floor this week focused on health care and prescription drug costs. Then ABC News’ Devin Dwyer explains why liberals are alarmed by a Supreme Court decision to overturn a 41 year old precedent. Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce also updates on all the latest… Read more →

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But there are some teachers that are emotionally harming students. They are creating trauma for these students, and that trauma can stay with those students for years. These dangerous school teachers need to be out of the system, but the school teachers union (NEA) and school administrators are doing nothing but circling the wagons. Afghanistan was rated the least peaceful… Read more →

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Maxwell has been targeted 74 times this season and allowed 60 catches for a 12.8 yard average, according to the analytics site Pro Football Focus. But Maxwell does two things extremely well: He uses his size and strength to tackle receivers immediately after the catch, and he has an uncanny ability to knock the football free. Even his coaches aren… Read more →

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Some work to build new theories or advance the language of mathematics. Others unify or explain previous results, sometimes from many fields of mathematics. Yet others consider the very nature and philosophy of mathematics as a discipline. In modern society, mathematics teaching at all levels seeks to develop students’ abilities to effectively address a wide variety of mathematics problems such… Read more →

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There is, therefore, an opportunity for the academic community to reflect both individually and collectively on the kinds of interventions that are effective in supporting the development of a range of community operations. In this paper we consider theoretical and practical aspects of self organising processes that help build society and reflect on how interventions may support and enhance these.… Read more →

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The Rite of Exorcism is sacramental. It is subdued compared to the Hollywood version, mostly just prayers, chanting, and maybe the possessed might squirm a little. “They are about as dramatic as, say, a trip to the dentist,” Carman says. This question appears to be off topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason:”The problem described here… Read more →

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