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Los lentes polarizados ayudan a reducir los reflejos y a mejorar la agudeza visual, especialmente cuando hay mucha luz. Sin embargo, estos lentes fueron especialmente tratados para lograr este efecto y requieren de cuidados especiales a fin de conservar su efectividad y su apariencia. No todos los lentes polarizados son iguales y siempre deberas seguir primero las instrucciones del fabricante.… Read more →

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2020 Oscars will cap off an abbreviated awards season with the telecast scheduled for Feb. The 2020 Oscars will cap off an abbreviated awards season with the telecast scheduled for Feb. 9, weeks earlier than usual so in many ways, the race to the Dolby stage began before the 2019 Oscars ever aired.. Indoor terpene emissions from cooking with herbs… Read more →

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The line had to withstand the arrows for a long time before Pausanias found the answer he wanted in the guts of the sacrifices. Just before Pausanias ordered them forward, the Tegeans charged, infuriated by the stinging rain from the Persian archers. With them also went one Spartan: Aristodemus. “If Mr. Trudeau wants to deliver something that national and that… Read more →

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In a world where everything is at the tip of our fingers and solidarity is increasingly happening around the global network, different violences interlock and express themselves through these networks of solidarity. In my search for unoppressive solidarity from the point of view of a political subject, I examine Marxism and Intersectional theory. I argue that shortcomings exist in both… Read more →

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The first aim of this article is to experimentally explore the effect of multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) on the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of epoxy based composites. Focusing on the obtained experimental data, two important conclusions can be drawn. (1) Though the CTE of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is lower than that of neat epoxy, using more CNT does… Read more →

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Focus groups and interviews with students, teachers and parents evaluated the acceptability of the intervention.Results: In intervention schools the combined prevalence of ever smoking and susceptibility increased from 18.2% in Year 7 to 33.8% in Year 8. There was no significant difference in the odds of a Year 8 student in an intervention school being an ever smoker or susceptible… Read more →

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I also tested the impact of private pension component on household saving. The overall pension system design was estimated using principal components composite indices. The results obtained using a number of estimation methods have not confirmed the predictions of the theoretical model, and are actually counter intuitive. Edited by artists Hill and Paris, with insightful contributions from placers and makers… Read more →

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