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Turns out I was going wrong everywhere; wrong exposure, aperture, ISO, JPG vs RAW. Both are world class astrophotographers, with amazing shots of the Milky Way, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae and other deep space objects. And you should see their timelapses. Computational chemistry simulations show that acrylonitrile and some other small polar nitrogen containing organic molecules are capable of forming… Read more →

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I don’t think the police and fire departments need a “palace”, and that is not what is being proposed. The existing building does not meet code in many ways seismically, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Only an ostrich thinks we’ll never have another earthquake. Military base. The rampage Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, at the Washington Naval Yard shocked… Read more →

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Indeed, while Splenda starts out as sugar, some serious scientific tinkering goes on before it gets into your coffee. As Heller explains, this involves removing three atoms found in sugar and replacing them with three atoms of the chemical chlorine. Some say that form of chlorine is similar to what’s found in pesticides though in published reports the manufacturer has… Read more →

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The data for this image were selected from the ESO archive by Manu Mejias as part of the Hidden Treasures competition, whichinvited amateur astronomer to search through ESO’s archives in hopes of finding a well hidden gem. Three of Mejias images made the top 20. His picture of NGC 371 was ranked sixth in the competition.. Man o’ War’s three… Read more →

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1 acquisition priority in the Castle Rock general plan. The second property is a truly amazing forest. We first looked at it earlier this year and were in awe at the number of old growth redwoods found there. Menendez himself has not been implicated in any wrongdoing, but many Democratic leaders in the state have been involved in scandals going… Read more →

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We test for ‘pauses’, both in the normally understood meaning of the term to mean no warming trend, as well as for a ‘pause’ defined as a substantially slower trend in GMST. The tests are carried out with the historical versions of GMST that existed for each pause interval tested, and with current versions of each of the GMST datasets.… Read more →

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And yes food. There plenty of Malaysian food around (close enough), Asian supermarkets stock all sorts of condiments/sauces/ these days if you into cooking. And there plenty of other authentic cuisine around (Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese). “When you’re in the zone, you don’t think results,” she said. “When you are in the zone, you don’t think of outcome. You are in… Read more →

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Time around that just not happening. Interest only loans have been severely scaled back. Banks, running scared from the findings of the commission, are tightening up on credit applications and in many cases are just not lending what required. Newer technologies offer a tremendous opportunity to track the development of highly dangerous bacteria, but tough economies and budget cuts threaten… Read more →

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