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Cell cycle analyses and expression of signaling molecules associated with proliferation were also determined. The results demonstrated that SG bound directly to EGFR. SG inhibited proliferation of various CCA cell lines by inhibiting EGFR and extracellular signal regulated kinases (ERK) phosphorylation, and inhibited EGF induced increased cell proliferation. And Moneti, A. And Montier, L. And Morgante, G. [ HARRIS: million… Read more →

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Plainfield Central Head Coach Sally Pagnusat will look toward at least 7 different varsity bowlers to lead the Wildcats this year. Seniors Raheem Johnson, Matt Kulhanek, Ryan Allensworth, and Andrew Kordelewski will lead the charge along with juniors Todd Reno and Josh Iwinski as well as sophomore Ray Ciangiola. Pagnusat said on looking toward the season, “We have a great… Read more →

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So, it’s important to work out your muscles to help them stay strong.If you have swollen joints, you can do isometric exercises. They hold your muscles in one place. They also don’t make you move your joints.If your joints aren’t swollen, isotonic exercises (movements that work against resistance, like weightlifting) are good for building up muscles.Talk to your doctor before… Read more →

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A preventative lifestyle intervention for older adults (lifestyle matters): a randomised controlled trialMountain, G., Windle, G., Hind, D., Walters, S. J., Keertharuth, A., Chatters, R., Sprange, K., Craig, C., Cook, S., Lee, E., Chater, T., Woods, R., Newbould, L., Powell, L., Shortland, K. Roberts, J., 1 Jul 2017Article in Age and Ageing. Was our main focus, to turn this thing… Read more →

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Four Interceptors have been built to date two systems are already operational in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Klang, Malaysia. A third system is to be installed in Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, while the fourth is destined to be deployed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In addition to these locations, Thailand has signed up to deploy the system near… Read more →