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This is a sad day. He will be missed greatly. Called many of those around him He often referred to teammates as players. “The building doesn’t lend itself to efficient office use and would cost us money instead of earning us money,” Tornek said. “So I think both economically and physically that’s a bad idea. And the other alternative, the… Read more →

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One of IBM’s first use of the solid state computer in the early 20th century, for example, was to license it to the Nazi regime to track Jewish prisoners in Hitler’s concentration camps. There’s an entire book on this subject, written by Edwin Black. It’s called IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful… Read more →

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Top National Security Council official set to testify in impeachment inquiry is stepping downTim Morrison, a senior National Security Council official who deals with Russian affairs, is leaving his post, The Washington Post reports. In a statement released Wednesday, a senior administration official said that Morrison “has decided to pursue other opportunities and has been considering doing so for some… Read more →

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During the repairs, fares have gone up, while service has been more limited. Making riders pay more and giving them less is not a long term recipe for building a successful business in any arena. The systemic funding shortages have required localities, Alexandria included, to pony up more money on an annual basis just to fund ongoing WMATA operations.. According… Read more →

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And I always thought it was an itch that needed scratching to own a Golf GTI. It does everything, that thing. It’s cheaper than the (flagship) Golf R and you spend less time explaining to people what it is.”. The Broncos lit their share of fireworks last season, but most of that had to do with a certain geriatric quarterback… Read more →

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Objective: To develop content for a series of interactive video tutorials (or reusable learning objects, RLOs) for first time adult hearing aid users, to enhance knowledge of hearing aids and communication.Design: RLO content was based on an electronically delivered Delphi review, workshops, and iterative peer review and feedback using a mixed methods participatory approach.Study sample: An expert panel of 33… Read more →

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Remember how exercised everyone around the world was about crimes committed at Abu Ghraib? Infinitely worse deeds are being done in Darfur daily. Where’s the outrage? The street rallies that might spur Western governments into action? Aside from a handful of journalists and human rights activists, the only Westerners who’ve shown sustained interest in Sudan are evangelical Christians, who’ve been… Read more →

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