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Competitiveness involves the upgrading and economic development of all places together, rather than the improvement of one place at the expense of another. The range of differing strengths that the socio economic environment affords to a particular place compared to elsewhere.This report publishes competitiveness indices that incorporate the most up to date data available in 2019, as well as an… Read more →

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Japanese Society Japan has historically been an extremely homogeneous society with non Japanese, mostly Koreans and Chinese, making up only about 1% of the population. The Japanese people are primarily the descendants of various peoples who migrated from Asia in prehistoric times; the dominant strain is N Asian or Mongolic, with some Malay and Indonesian admixture. One of the earliest… Read more →

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Barbirostris specimens from Sri Lanka, the COI and ITS2 regions amplified and their sequences analysed by comparison with other GenBank entries. Maximum likelihood trees suggested that Sri Lankan An. Barbirostris constitute a different molecular type most closely related to clade I.. Berkeleys Another Planet Entertainment, the agency responsible for booking the music acts into the Fox, has unveiled the initial… Read more →

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Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Jean Chrtien, his predecessor as head of the Liberal government, testified under oath last week at a public inquiry investigating alleged government corruption. Only once previously did a sitting or past Canadian prime minister give public testimony in a like judicial proceeding. That was in 1873, when Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A.… Read more →

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“DFS has carefully examined the rates requested by health insurers to reduce the burden of excessive health insurance premium increases on New Yorkers while maintaining competitive markets in the face of rising national healthcare and pharmaceutical costs, compounded by ill conceived Congressional attempts to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act,” said Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo. “New York… Read more →

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