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DiagnosisThough stress incontinence is widespread and potentially embarrassing, it’s useful to let your doctor know about it, especially if it really bothers you. Some women with stress incontinence will also have urge incontinence, a need to pass urine caused by an unstable bladder, or some other cause of incontinence, and this can require a separate form of treatment. Also, women… Read more →

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The best of these young players are selected by their instructors and form a band every year called the Winter Blues All Stars, who continue to hone their craft, practice and perform as a band throughout the year at various venues and festivals. After the unfortunate passing of Winter Blues founder Ellis Kell in 2016, the group has been renamed… Read more →

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One individual freely moved within given parameters (moving balls across a series of pegs) and a second participant imitated. This task was performed with either simple (one ball) or complex (three balls) movement difficulty, and either face to face or via a live video projection. After an exploratory analysis, three dependent variables were chosen for examination: 3D grip position, joint… Read more →

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It was to be a short, but intense and very public affair. In December they recorded the hit single ‘Harley Davidson’, and in January 1968 they produced the legendary Show Bardot on television in which France’s favourite female star performed some of their favourite musical auteur’s latest material. In the few weeks they were together, they collaborated on two enormously… Read more →

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There are too few fish, the plants will be nutrient deficient. Are also experimenting with leaving soil roots from previous plantings intact when planting new seeds. The idea is similar to no till practices in soil that allow the microbes that attach to the roots to remain viable.. Never Tear us Apart (INXS) the Liberal Party. 5. Help is on… Read more →

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Rudasingwa and others have said Kagame ordered the 1994 shooting down of the aircraft carrying the Hutu presidents of Rwanda and neighbouring Burundi, an act that ignited the genocide. Report published in 2010 noted that Kagame refused to have peace talks as thousands of mainly Tutsi Rwandans were being killed, buying the time that allowed his forces to reach Kigali… Read more →

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Many women went into factories, and were very good at setting fuses in shells and bullets. What they would experience over nearly five years of war was horror, privation, exhaustion and danger. Their reward was the satisfaction of saving lives.Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletterFor our fictional take on the nurse’s… Read more →

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The money will also go towards improving water quality, tackling the crown of thorns starfish and scientific research. Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Mark Butler said the government couldn be serious about saving the ecosystem if it didn have a serious plan to tackle global warming. “As long as Malcolm Turnbull continues to pander to the climate change… Read more →

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