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Breast conservation surgeryRemoval of a malignant growth from the breast and dissection of axillary lymph nodes without mastectomy. Lumpectomy is an alternative to mastectomy for patients with early stage breast cancer. Its outcomes are equivalent to those of mastectomy when used as part of a treatment plan that includes postoperative radiation therapy to the affected breast.. B. 17 othersHornbrook, R.… Read more →

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Systematic, random, stratified) can be difficult; (ii) the choice of the sampling design can affect the results; and (iii) defining the focal population of interest can be challenging. Satellite remote sensing is one of the most cost effective and comprehensive approaches to identify biodiversity hotspots and predict changes in species composition. This is because, in contrast to field based methods,… Read more →

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AFL chief Andrew Demetriou infamously said of Saints player Stephen Milne, when the player was charged in mid 2013 with four counts of rapestemming from a 2004 allegation against Milne and teammate Leigh Montagna, “[it] would be unjust if he right to play that he be deprived of that opportunity to resume his career” should he be found not guilty.… Read more →

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H., 2 Oct 2018Article in JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERSProtomer Dependent Electronic Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of the Model Flavin Chromophore AlloxazineDessent, C. E. H., Matthews, E. Igneous rocks are classified according to their mode of occurrence, texture, mineralogy, chemical composition, and the geometry of the igneous body. Two important variables that are used for the classification of igneous rocks are… Read more →

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NASA Cassini spacecraft looks toward the night side of Saturn largest moon and sees sunlight scattering through the periphery of Titan atmosphere and forming a ring of color. The breakdown of methane at Titan into hydrogen and oxygen may also have occurred on Mars. The addition of hydrogen in the company of methane and carbon dioxide would have createda powerful… Read more →

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Diplomats and politicians from Algeria, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Egypt and Lithuania have already declared themselves and governments will vote in October. It is increasingly important for UNESCO to improve its poor handling of science, which receives the largest slice of money yet gets a lower profile than education and culture, say commentators. But it seems unlikely that this is uppermost in… Read more →

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The general rule is that the Master is obliged to follow charterers’ orders and a charterer is to pay hire continuously through the charter period. Whilst the Safe Port warranty generally relates to the safety of the vessel and cargo, an unacceptable risk to crew may render the port unsafe. Nevertheless, the presence locally of Ebola may not render a… Read more →

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Each young person was interviewed in order to understand their personal experience of engaging in mental health services, and associated engagement barriers and facilitators. Interviews were transcribed and underwent Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.Results: Analysis revealed twelve subthemes subsumed within five superordinate themes: engagement begins at help seeking, strength of inner resolve, evolution of the self, in the clinic room, and, existing… Read more →