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This year federal trial of Antoin Rezko, the convicted former Blagojevich fundraiser, provided alarming testimony from numerous insiders who said the governor freely spoke of rewarding contributors with state jobs and business. Christopher Kelly, the governor former chief fundraiser, was indicted last December on tax fraud counts tied to gambling trips to Las Vegas. And the Tribune a week before… Read more →

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Thus, for example, in Pavlovsk, near Leningrad, the minimum atmospheric transmission coefficient, which is equal to 0.759, is observed in July, and the maximum transmission coefficient, which is equal to 0.806, is observed in December (for the same optical air mass, equal to 2). Thus, the atmosphere is most transmissive in winter and least transmissive in summer. E., and K.… Read more →

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And Muetzel, Stefan and Muoz, Camila and O TMKiely, Padraig and Peiren, Nico and Reynolds, Christopher K. And Schwarm, Angela and Shingfield, Kevin J. And Storlien, Tonje M. Second on the list of departing executives is Colette LaForce. Colette has been AMD Chief Marketing Officer since 2012, when she joined AMD at that level after leaving as Dell CMO. Like… Read more →

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Dutch bed(s) TM, be[t] be[d]en, German dog(s) TM, Hun[t] Hun[d]e). Despite structural similarity, language specific morphological, phonological and lexical properties impact on the distribution of this alternation in the two languages. Previous acquisition research has focused on one language only, predominantly focusing on children TMs production accuracy, concluding that alternations are not acquired until late in the acquisition process in… Read more →

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Mindfulness derives from Buddhist practice and is described as “the process of engaging a full, direct, and active awareness of experienced phenomena that is spiritual in aspect and that is maintained from one moment to the next” (Van Gordon, Shonin, Zangeneh, Griffiths, 2014). In a previous issue of Education and Health, we briefly reviewed research findings and discussed the growing… Read more →

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