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The hypothalamic “pituitary “gonadal (HPG) axis comprises pulsatile GnRH from the hypothalamus impacting on the anterior pituitary to induce expression and release of both LH and FSH into the circulation. These in turn stimulate receptors on testicular Leydig and Sertoli cells, respectively, to promote steroidogenesis and spermatogenesis. Both Leydig and Sertoli cells exhibit negative feedback to the pituitary and/or hypothalamus… Read more →

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In 1901 he was appointed Professor of Archeology at the University of Pavia, and in parallel Archaeological Superintendent for Lombardy from 1905 to 1924; in 1927 he transferred to the newly founded State University of Milan and retired in 1938. In this paper I explore the early years of Patroni TMs scientific activity, when as a convinced Mediterraneanist, he opposed… Read more →

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For you freshwater anglers the newest release is “Hooked,” with a foreword written by the bass master himself Roland Martin. This hard cover, coffee table book is published by Simon Schuster and begins with a description of the basics of angling dispersed with highly entertaining anecdotes and the secret world of the largemouth bass. For info on ordering call 212… Read more →

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This light curve depicts the visual apparent brightness of Eta Car from 1822 to date. It contains visual estimates (big circles), photographic (squares), photoelectric (triangles) and CCD (small circles) observations. All of them have been fitted for consistency of the whole data. And nearly one in five people who begin marijuana use during adolescence become addicted. Has been an increase… Read more →

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Some medical students held their ground and said NOThe study mentioned here documented the behavior of 200 medical students in Britain and Australia. Not all the students went along with the anal violation of unconscious patients, by the way. In one case, a student refused to participate in what he described as a woman “spread eagled on the bed and… Read more →

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Measurements of neutron cross sections for advanced nuclear energy systems at n TOF (CERN)Barbagallo, M., Colonna, N., Altstadt, S., Andrzejewski, J., Audouin, L., Bcares, V., Bev, F., Belloni, F., Berthoumieux, E., Billowes, J., Bosnar, D., Brugger, M., Calviani, M., Calvio, F., Cano Ott, D., Carrapio, C., Cerutti, F., Chiaveri, E., Chin, M., Corts, G. 80 othersCorts Giraldo, M. A., Diakaki,… Read more →

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Pharmacists used predominantly closed questions which enabled the MUR form to be completed efficiently, but this forestalled wider discussion of the patient’s health and medicines. The MUR service was at odds with the intention to create a patient centred service. When complex or indeterminate issues were raised, these were often circumvented or the patient referred to the GP. Standardized dissections… Read more →

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