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Background: Epilepsy is a serious chronic neurological disorder that has a higher incidence in children and young people (CYP) than in adults. Epilepsy negatively impacts physical and psychosocial quality of life of CYP. Good outcomes of epilepsy are associated with optimal choice of drug treatment and adequate adherence to the prescribed medicines. In both cases, a colposcopy and/or cervical biopsy… Read more →

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I mean just taking a look at the reviews on Amazon shows you that reading his work will even explain the rather obscure theories of Kant, demonstrate the “glaring contradictions of the philosophy” to “someone without much previous knowledge of postmodernism,” lay bare the reality that “Germany apparently has always been off the rails,” the “assault on truth” by individuals… Read more →

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Rationale: Genetic polymorphisms in the asthma susceptibility gene, urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR/PLAUR) have been associated with lung function decline and uPAR blood levels in asthma subjects. Preliminary studieshave identied uPAR elevation in asthma; however, a denitive study regarding which clinical features of asthma uPAR may be driving is currently lacking.Objectives: We aimed to comprehensively determine the uPAR expression prolein… Read more →

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Site: where is the pain?Onset: when did it start?Character: what does it feel like?Radiation: does it spread anywhere?Associated symptoms: does anything else happen with it?Timing: is it continuous, or does it stop and start?Exacerbating/Aggravating factors: what makes it better or worse?Severity: how bad is it out of ten? Is it the worst pain ever worse than childbirth?There are many other… Read more →

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