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We first report the effect of tube radii R between 140 m and 675 m on the dynamics of spontaneous imbibition We show that the data can be fitted using the exact numerical solution to the governing equations and that these are similar to fits using the analytical visco gravitational approximation. However, larger diameter tubes show a rate of penetration… Read more →

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This propelled Apollo 6 to a height of 13,000 miles, from which they planned another simulated high speed re entry. Diving back towards the atmosphere, the SM’s engine was unable to push the CM to a high enough velocity due to lack of fuel; and, although re entry was successful, the spacecraft fell short of its predicted splashdown point by… Read more →

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Justice Department lawyers have been going to court after court for weeks to defend the Pentagon against a variety of constitutional challenges by gay soldiers or sailors. Those challenges aim at the old Pentagon policy, the “interim” Clinton policy now in effect throughout the military, and the new Clinton policy that was to go into effect yesterday but now is… Read more →

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A qualitative approach was utilised and involved interviews with clinical staff (n=8). Thematic analysis was used to analyse the data resulting in four main themes: Feeling betrayed TM: The relational context of the ward environment TM; Doing what we were meant to be doing TM: Quality of leadership TM; Covering yourself TM: Safeguarding practice; The subtleties of abuse TM: Complexities… Read more →

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From there Panthers turned up the pressure and on 20 minutes looked like they’d snatch the lead when Amanda Saladine’s cross found Chelsea Marshall unmarked. However, she fired wide. Panthers again came close six minutes later. But He didn He commanded Noah to gather food and store it. Did God provide for Noah? Of course! He provided food for Noah… Read more →

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The experiments are conducted on the benchmark dataset of static images and video sequences. We simulated the attention shift based on several dataset. Most importantly, our dynamic scenes are mostly selected from the objects moving on the highway and dynamic scenes. Shkreli wrote in one of the emails in question, “We raised the price from $1,700 per bottle to $75,000.… Read more →

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The only flaw was that the center of low pressure was about 50 miles farther to the east than expected. When you look at the area of influence of the storm (see image above) you can see it spanned hundreds of miles. Missing the southern portion of its path by a mere 50 miles is actually very accurate. The pre… Read more →

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I definitely recommend going to the southern tip. Cliff diving there is incredible but people die there so be extremely cautious (definitely don use it as an opportunity to practice a front flip, literally the worst decision I have ever made). Also at the southern tip you can pay locals to drive you to the olivine or green sand beach,… Read more →

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20 minutes following baseline trials, all participants completed the same repeat sprint protocol in the experimental condition. Results: Compared to controls, no mean differences in performance were observed between baseline and experimental conditions for the positive belief treatment ( 0.07 0.27%, d=0.02), but mean differences were observed for the negative belief treatment ( 0.92 0.31%, d=0.32), suggesting a moderate nocebo… Read more →

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