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In contrast, temperate estuaries, at lower temperature and higher nitrate concentrations, exhibit proportionately greater levels of AN and DN. The Cisadane estuary became anoxic during the dry season, with high ammonium and sulfide, but no nitrate reduction because of lack of nitrate. Addition of nitrate stimulated high rates of autotrophic DN driven by sulfide, but not DNRA. So, what property… Read more →

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The lowdown: A grand Victorian summer destination since 1868, the original building was razed in 2003 and painstakingly rebuilt, so it looks like it’s always been there. The gambit by a group of investors with Watch Hill ties, led by mutual fund magnate Charles Royce, was to reestablish the New York connections with the area. The $146 million project reduced… Read more →

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I mean, no one would mind a gift surprise coat. But, clearly, the AI being inextricably deeplinked to your credit card means it would be you forking out for, and having to wear, that bright red Columbia Lay D Down Jacket that arrived (via Amazon Prime) within hours of your climatic observation, and which the AI had algorithmically determined would… Read more →

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The seller really wasn lying when he said it was hardly used. Its with this research and knowledge in mind that I made the judgement that its more likely to be the magazine rather than the gun itself.Wish I still was getting out to the field and could just borrow a teammates green gas can to test it, but haven… Read more →

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It’s no secret that Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. But this description really doesn’t do it justice. For one, the mass of Jupiter is 318 times as massive as the Earth. Because the Pope has called homosexuality an “intrinsic moral evil”, he was said to have given “licence” to the men who were alleged to have… Read more →

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Asked him that question, and he said, just think about the ball, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said. Wrote it on the board one time: Max, think about the ball. Long arms allow him to contest most catches, and he is disciplined and precise enough that he is rarely out of position. Developed a similar engine for its Deep Space 1… Read more →

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Findings also suggest that the beneficial effects last for 45 min post exercise and, tentatively, may be more pronounced in children and adolescents with higher physical fitness levels. Exercise characteristics, cognitive domains assessed and moderating variables) affecting the acute exercise cognition relationship in children and adolescents. Where possible these factors should be controlled (or at the very least measured and… Read more →

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Those numbers may seem quite surprising since our summer seemed so dry for such a long period of time. That dry weather combined with the number of thunderstorms produced by passing storms is what helped give us a very bad wildfire season. I sorry to say that doesn give us much of an insight into exactly how much we will… Read more →

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