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Research on residential diversification has mainly focused on its negative impacts upon community cohesion and positive effects on intergroup relations. However, these analyses ignore how neighbourhood identity can shape the consequences of diversification among residents. Elsewhere, research using the Applied Social Identity Approach (ASIA) has demonstrated the potential for neighbourhood identity to provide social and psychological resources to cope with… Read more →

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Dominican National Police Col. Frank Felix Duran Mejia said just “15 to 20 percent” of evidence in the case has been made public due to the country’s judicial process. Police have said that suspect Victor Hugo Gomez Vasquez ordered the assassination attempt against his cousin, Sixto David Fernandez, in the belief that Fernandez had snitched on him in connection with… Read more →

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The first season, which is making its way across Amazon, Ray stated, is a beautiful, shocking, funny, romantic, slightly dangerous, compelling, operatic, intimate, American story that says something about who we are as a people in a timeless way. Bad news is that despite being an elaborate production, it hasn opened to the best of reviews. But, with the presence… Read more →

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Here’s why: Florida consumed the third most energy among states in 2016 but produced just 13 percent of the energy it used. It’s largely reliant on other states to supply most of its energy. With the Florida Chamber of Commerce projecting the state’s number of residents to grow by six million come 2030, it’s clear more energy will be needed..… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis article takes as its starting point the recent visitations made by Howard Brenton and David Edgar to the period of English history between 1530 and 1610, in Anne Boleyn (2010) and Written on the Heart (2011). It compares the two playwrights’ use of past history to that tradition of ‘costume drama’ initiated by, amongst others, Robert… Read more →

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Roughly 4.5 billion years ago, scientists theorize that Earth experienced a massive impact with a Mars sized object (named Theia). In accordance with the Giant Impact Hypothesis, this collision placed a considerable amount of debris in orbit, which eventually coalesced to form the Moon. And while the Moon has remained Earth only natural satellite since then, astronomers believe that Earth… Read more →

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Methods: Women with breast cancer who are overweight (n=493; meanSD age=52.310.7 years) participated in the study. All of them completed the FLQ SF, questions designed using the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB; including subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and behavioral intention), and Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ). Both classical test theory and Rasch models were used to examine the psychometric properties… Read more →