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A supernova remnant in the Small Magellanic Cloud is only 1,000 years old; making it one of the youngest ever discovered. However, astronomers are puzzled about its strange lack of dust. Current theories about supernovae predict that it should have 100 times the dust that astronomers can detect. We then present a review of the literature summarising the evidence on… Read more →

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C., Alexander, T., Corts, M. L., Gerl, J., Golubev, P., Ameil, F., Arici, T., Bauer, C., Bazzacco, D., Bentley, M. A., Boutachkov, P., Bowry, M., Fahlander, C., Gadea, A., Gellanki, J. During the CMM measurement process, contamination gradually builds up on the surface of the stylus tip and affects dimensional accuracy of the measurement. Regular inspection of the stylus for… Read more →

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Fireworks Saturday night. Great fun for the whole family! Bring your swimming suit towel. Stay for the day.Beach ListSun hat and Sunscreen. Initially, the European Commission’s draft legislation from 2010 was closer to the position of health groups but as it passed through the Commission in 2013 and eventually EU Parliament and Council in 2014, the policy position moved significantly… Read more →

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Pharmacology Any substance capable of producing a physical, chemical or biologic effect. See Declarant Epidemiology A factor, such as a microorganism, chemical substance, or form of radiation, whose excessive presence, or in deficiency diseases, relative absence, is essential for the occurrence of a disease Medtalk A thing capable of producing an effect. See Biological agent, Challenge agent, Controlled drug substance… Read more →

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Pallister said when his wife completed the trek and got to the car, she waited for him for as short time and then called dispatch at State police for help. She gave explicit directions, but it took three attempts for dispatch to get the directions right. State police arrived about an hour later with two cars. In a message delivered… Read more →

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Design Observer’s Alexandra Lange picked up on specific set of corporate cues. “Infinite loop. Check. If you using a coffee mug, you run into a couple problems. Coffee mugs hold a lot more than a traditional gourd. If you fill it 2/3s full of yerba, you get a pretty long drink. Currently, all the X1000 family cards feature the same… Read more →

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The report also considers a tax on paid parking spaces in public and privately owned or operated parking garages and lots, similar to the Transient Occupancy Tax on hotel rooms. With eight garages and three surface lots with a total of 6,500 parking spaces, there are approximately 11,000 privately controlled spaces that would be subject to the tax, the report… Read more →

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But it’s time to move on. I intend to keep writing about education, teaching and learning, democracy, and the factors that shape each of them on my new blog, “After Class.” The title encompasses multiple meanings. In the first place, I have discovered that, quite often, more learning takes place directly after a class ends than during the class itself.… Read more →

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