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To test their theory, the trio collected as much birth date info as they could for the CEOs of S 500 companies between 1992 and 2009, eventually able to identify accurate birth days for 375 such suits. Population being born that month. Says Levi: “Early success is often rewarded with leadership roles and enriched learning opportunities, leading to future advantages… Read more →

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Tissue damage may result in pain, inducing protective behaviour such as lameness. Because we cannot directly measure an animal’s subjective experience, pain research and veterinary assessment rely on these behavioural indicators when quantifying pain. This assumes that pain expression is proportional to damage but this has not been tested in animals and ignores the possible effects of personality and coping… Read more →

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Curiosity looks back across dune field to her wheel tracks and a small crater she just missed. Flattened rear hazcam image, colorized from Sol 555 (Feb 27, 2014). Scientists directed Curiosity to drive by the rock rows nicknamed “Junda” after their interest was piqued by orbital images taken by the powerful telescopic camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) circling… Read more →

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A judge declared a mistrial on the remaining charges after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked. The remaining charges include six felonies, including the two counts of rape and a sodomy charge for the attack on the homeless woman. Winslow also will be retried on two misdemeanor charges of elderly battery and abuse.. An entire page devoted to giveaways.… Read more →

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Additionally, the perceived wateriness and thickness of the drinks can be predicted from measurements. However, the perceived acidity could not be reliably predicted. The results show that personally tailored orange beverages can be manufactured according to some of the consumer’s desires and there is scope for future developments tailored to a wider range of drink attributes. This time, the sales… Read more →

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