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It is said, (Tacitus, Strabo, Josephus, Daniel of St. Saba, Nau, Maundrell, Troilo, D’Arvicus) that, after an excessive drought, the vestiges of columns, walls, are seen above the surface. At any season, such remains may be discover’d by looking down into the transparent lake, and at such distances as would argue the existence of many settlements in the space now… Read more →

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The minimum message length two dimensional segmenter (MML2DS) criterion is a powerful technique for road condition data analysis developed at the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC), University of Nottingham. The criterion analyses condition data sets by simultaneously identifying optimum trends in condition progression, the position in time and space of maintenance interventions, longitudinal segments within links, and the error likelihood… Read more →

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His conviction, Mr. Macias has been denied parole several times, including a decision as recent as April 3, 2018, when it was denied for three years Stone wrote in the letter sent to the governor last week. Statements I read and conversations I had with law enforcement officials, Mr. They were supported by community partners like Pasadena City College and… Read more →

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The man made Bengal famine killed more than 3 million people. And yet all that we Indians pine for today is that lifeless stone called Kohinoor.The Japanese have forever been bowing in remorse for the excesses committed during their occupation of the Korean peninsula, China, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore etc. However, one hasn heard a word of remorse… Read more →

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It is also common for musicians to give in to poor posture as they are typically playing for long periods of time in a somewhat unusual position. It’s best to practice good body mechanics which will help place less stress on joints and muscles to allow you to play even longer. A medical specialist can help make recommendations about your… Read more →

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This is supported by the observation that an anti formin drug treatment converts dextral snail embryos to a sinistral phenocopy, and in frogs, drug inhibition or over expression by microinjection of formin has a chirality randomizing effect in early (pre cilia) embryos. Contrary to expectations based on existing models, we discovered asymmetric gene expression in 2 and 4 cell snail… Read more →

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