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Yes. Block 5 is the final upgrade of the Falcon architecture. Significantly improves performance ease of reusability. The PhD will move in. Take over. Your head will have two compartments. Technology is proven, she said. Know it works. But we want now to cut costs. Background: A hand photography protocol was needed to ascertain the presence and severity of dermatitis… Read more →

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Form a group, make some noise. Conservative solutions are the only hope NJ has. True leadership requires doing what is right even when the ignorant believe it is wrong. Study question: Is it possible to develop and externally validate risk prediction equations to estimate the 10 year risk of blindness and lower limb amputation in patients with diabetes aged 25… Read more →

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Although normal valve morphology was found in HH26 outflow tract banded hearts, smaller and dysmorphic mitral valve primordia were seen upon altered haemodynamics in histological and stereological analysis at HH29 and HH35. A decrease in apoptosis, and aberrant expression of a shear stress responsive gene and extracellular matrix markers in the endocardial cushions were seen in the chick HH29 outflow… Read more →

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Second, the CTLA 4 gene region on 2q33 was the first non MHC replicated locus to be primarily identified using the candidate gene method. Third, family based linkage studies led to the mapping of a new type 1 diabetes locus, the PTPN22 gene, which has subsequently been independently replicated as a susceptibility gene for Graves’ disease (GD). Fourth, despite many… Read more →