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March 3, 2002 Paterno reports the incident to Athletic Director Tim Curley. Later, McQueary meets with Curley and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz. McQueary testifies that he told Curley and Schultz that he saw Sandusky and the boy engaged in anal sex; Curley and Schultz testify they were not told of any such allegation. There is… Read more →

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Full credit for this video belongs to The Corporation film, which is strongly recommended. This short segment from the supplementary interviews is used under Fair Use as a commentary on the film and the cancer industry. Special thanks to Dr. “It’s been quite a journey it’s been tough. My international career didn’t start the way I wanted it to,” he… Read more →

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J., Dupree, P., Poulsen, J C. N., Hemsworth, G. R., Ciano, L., Johnston, E. Vinyl is worse, Audio is recorded digitally. To make Vinyl you have to convert digital data to physical data which loses quality, to begin with, and creates errors. Then you have to play Vinyl on a device that transfers physical data to digital data, which again… Read more →

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As the owner residents began moving on (into sheltered accommodation or just dropping dead.) they were replaced by buy to let landlords. Some of the tenants were nice enough, but a few were foul. Screaming and banging late at night, regular visitors all night. Looking to one of the biggest challenges of space colonization, Yakovlev points to how life on… Read more →

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(NaturalNews) The story of deception behind the ALIVE New York event is becoming more bizarre by the day. We continue to cover it not because of the simple fact that the event has imploded, but more because it has become a fascinating case study in mass deception and social engineering. The question remains: How did a young couple in their… Read more →

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This procedure is applied here for the first time in the context of tensor distance function selection. When compared with previous studies that used a different concrete application to juxtapose the various DT MRI distance functions, this work is unique in that it combined the following: (i) Metrics were judged by quantitative rather than qualitative criteria, (ii) the comparison tools… Read more →

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Unveiling the multi step solubilization mechanism of sub micron size vesicles by detergentsDalgarno, P. A., Juan Cols, J., Hedley, G. J., Pieiro, L., Novo, M., Perez Gonzalez, C., Samuel, I. Student Michael Truver are developing a test to detect synthetic opioids, heroin and a heroin substitute, buprenorphine, in saliva. Samples are collected by placing a small pad in the mouth,… Read more →

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