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Zemlinsky introduced Alma to a wide range of music, as well as tutoring her in the technical aspects of music, especially composition. As well as musically, Zemlinsky tutored the young Alma sexually: for her part, as she put it, she ‘allowed him every intimacy except the ultimate’. Zemlinsky was not, however, Alma’s first would be lover, since before him she… Read more →

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They invented the veggie burger. They invented the sugar waffle ice cream cone. They were the first to bottle and sell mineral water in the United States. Grotzinger emphasized that fluids will move through such rock during digenesis and perchlorate can destroy organics in the process. Such might be the case for many metamorphic rocks on the Martian surface. The… Read more →

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We used this approach to identify and quantify changes in facial shape associated with pain in a non human animal species. Our method accommodates individual variability, species specific facial anatomy, and postural effects. Facial images were captured at four different time points during ovariohysterectomy of domestic short haired cats (n=29), with time points corresponding to varying intensities of pain. Bob… Read more →

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Factors for investigation were determined using a Delphi process and subsequently preliminary clinical instrument testing occurred. Finally a case control correlational study was carried out to investigate the presence of selected factors in a haemophilia cohort compared with normal volunteers.Results. Forty two factors reached consensus from the Delphi Process of which 22 were selected for onward investigation comprising musculoskeletal, exercise,… Read more →

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Saslaw said Taeb’s views were too radical for most voters.A democratic socialist in Virginia has defeated a more moderate challenger to hold on to the Democratic Party’s nomination for a legislative seat.Incumbent Del. Lee Carter defeated challenger Mark Wolfe in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for House District 50.Carter is an outspoken member of the Democratic Socialists of America whose 2017 victory… Read more →

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It was early fall when I found myself back in front of my house on the short, twelve home street of West Markham in Mexicantown. Nestled against the front door was a small package. Before mounting the steps, I stopped and looked around. No shock at all that a repeat was to be had with the monster hit from last… Read more →

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Often, many people confuse bankruptcy with foreclosure. These are two very different actions. Both are devastating to the debtor’s credit. The design and execution of scientific workflows is an important and necessary function within many disciplines. In the geospatial community, workflows are used to generate and quality assure new spatial datasets based on sequences of processing steps or complex modelling.… Read more →

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And you needed him. I just think his time is right. This is the right time for Boris. Silicon nanomembrane technologies (NPN, pnc Si, and others) have been used commercially as electron microscopy (EM) substrates, and as filters with nanometer resolution size cut offs. Combined with EM, these materials provide a platform for catching or suspending nanoscale size structures for… Read more →

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