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The Christian world is divided between the Western and Eastern branches, with the Arab world’s Christians largely falling into the latter category. But the Arab Christians have been abandoned and are easy targets for their enemies. Too many Western Christians have turned their backs on the continuing injustices committed against Christians living in Palestine and the Levant.. Wide frame shot… Read more →

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Dawn has been in the Education field for over 13 years and is the Program Director for an Educational non profit based in Orange County, STEM Advantage. Prior to working for STEM Advantage, Dawn was the Senior Project Manager for the STEM Collaboratives, a multi campus initiative based at the California State University Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach.… Read more →

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Chances are, Marjorie will indeed become diabetic. She’s already obese, she gets little to no exercise and her diet is sorely lacking in nutrition. Unless Marjorie can change her lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising, she’ll likely grow up obese and pass her bad habits on to her future children, who in turn could easily develop the disease. Earth most… Read more →

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Although the increasing cost of college has led Americans to carry more student debt than before, older borrowers may have been particularly affected by changes to loan terms. Unlike students, parents face no lifetime limit on how much they can take out in federal loans, and private lenders, like banks, have increasingly required that a student’s loans be co signed… Read more →

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In hips with OA, hip CC associated negatively with osteophytes, joint space narrowing, and sclerosis at the right hip but not at the left. Similarly, in wrists with OA, wrist CC associated with sclerosis in the right but not in the left wrist; in scapho trapezioid joints (STJs) with OA wrist CC associated with sclerosis on both sides; in metacarpophalangeal… Read more →

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Imitation is an important form of social behavior, and research has aimed to discover and explain the neural and kinematic aspects of imitation. However, much of this research has featured single participants imitating in response to pre recorded video stimuli. This is in spite of findings that show reduced neural activation to video vs. For the building, it is in… Read more →

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As well as problems with the major muscle groups this often manifests in the eyes with episodic and variable blurring of vision.Hypersensitivity to Stimuli1 Sufferers often find that even the smallest of stimuli are literally painful. For example, lights may cause a burning sensation in the eyes; skin can become extremely sensitive to anything touching it with a very real… Read more →