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None. Didn mention Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren by name, but his pronouncement came hours after she unveiled a $20 plus trillion for All universal health care plan that she vowed wouldn require a middle class tax increase but that Biden campaign panned as requiring gymnastics to cover its huge costs.. We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Northern… Read more →

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Governor image of this mother being assaulted while pregnant is an horrific one for any child to bear, Colpitts said in a statement. Hearts go out to him and to other children who carry similar images from their childhood. The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell have faced intense criticism about the league shifting policy on domestic violence. His release from… Read more →

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Samsung coins the Samsung F700 as the “Intuitive Touch Screen Multimedia Champion” with good reasons: it promises a truckload of technological delights that comes in a sophisticated and user friendly mobile phone. The Samsung F700 phone has an attractive design, a diverse multimedia functionality, and an almost complete package that dismisses some of its minor misgivings. It sports a 5… Read more →

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The Nottingham Prognostic Index Plus (NPI+)is a clinical decision making tool in breast cancer (BC) that aims to provide improved patient outcome stratification superior to the traditional NPI. This study aimed to validate the NPI+ in an independent series of BC. Eight hundred and eighty five primary early stage BC cases from Edinburgh were semi quantitatively assessed for 10 biomarkers… Read more →

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I believe it was his best judgment at the time,” Lo said.He added that although the officer also had a rifle for rubber bullets, the event unfolded very quickly. He didn’t answer questions on why the officer fired at the teen’s chest and not his limbs.Apart from the incident in Tsuen Wan, where the teen was shot, he said officers… Read more →

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Bayesian statistics has a tendency to produce objects that are of many more than three dimensions, typically of the same dimensionality as the parameter set of the problem. This thesis takes the idea of visual, exploratory data analysis and attempts to apply it to those objects. In order to do this it examines several areas, Monte Carlo Markov Chains (MCMC),… Read more →

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileBill 204 has passed the National Assembly. It renders impermeable to court challenge the contract struck between Quebec City Mayor Regis Lebaume and Quebecor Inc’s Pierre Karl Peladeau to build the city’s new amphitheatre, the “Arena of Dreams,” to entice the Nordiques NHL team back.The vote was a first: Pauline Marois’ Parti… Read more →

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Since the multiple bundle membership of a scenario induces overlap between the bundles, we empirically investigate whether and how the amount of overlap controlled by a fuzzy exponent would affect the performance of the PHA. Experimental results for a less than truckload transportation network optimization problem show that the number of iterations required by the PHA to achieve convergence reduces… Read more →

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But who will apologise to the Palestinians for gifting away their country and their very identity to strangers born thousands of miles away?Who will wipe the tears of Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Pakistanis and many, many others whose countries have been destroyed in the name of the war on terror?The irrepressible Tony Blair is prepared to apologise for the Irish… Read more →

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