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The validity and reliability have been demonstrated in English; and the initial work on translation to Arabic is positive (originally, a case study was planned in Libya). The instrument helps to assess tutors in service and pre service training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This research proposes a training model within TPACK for tutors in HE, based on factor analysis… Read more →

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S. Zhang, Z. (eds.). Robert Clark and Gerald Christian, former Dwyer High School players who left the Gators in October, have not decided where they plan to play next. Both expect to take the upcoming spring semester off, which means they will not go through spring practices with their new teams. SkinnerPosted on December 2, 2011Categories Football, Jason Lieser, Urban… Read more →

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Head coach: Harold Goodwin. Arizona had the 1 ranked offense in 2015 and are 10 so far this year. Reports are that Arians has been giving Goodwin extra responsibility to prepare him for the jump to HC. Much laboratory work has been carried out to determine the gene regulatory network (GRN) that results in plant cells becoming flowers instead of… Read more →

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Dr. Tan volunteers with several community organizations. He has served on several boards including Guardian Angel and American Cancer Society. Can you imagine being in the meeting with Mark Shapiro and Edward Rogers? what the plan? Rogers asks. Going to pay Troy Tulowitzki $37 million to go away. We going to give Josh Donaldson to the Indians and Steve Pearce… Read more →

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We just released an exciting new app on both Android and Apple platforms. The app brings you articles, videos and much more, direct to you and without the censorship of Google, Facebook or email ISPs.Using our new app, you can browse articles and even save them for offline reading. Future upgrades of the app will include additional features that keep… Read more →

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Laser scanning has emerged as a complementary assessment method of fire damaged concrete with a couple of advantages in that the whole concrete element can be scanned and an average intensity value over the area concerned can be determined which would represent the whole element overcoming the challenge of some traditional methods where cores are drilled in limited areas. Scanning… Read more →

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It will start with District 2 at 2:00pm, then move on to District 3 at 2:50pm, and finally end with District 5 starting at 3:25pm. Each candidate for Councilmember has received a list of questions they may be asked. The first question is obligatory and requires a simple answer, and any one of the others may be asked by the… Read more →

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Intestines along with the whole stomach) was discovered to be outside of his abdominal wall. As soon as Kaleb was born he let out a scream like a Ban chi! (doesn’t happen that often with these babies) He was breathing on his own and his blood levels were beyond what they were expecting. After going from the OR to the… Read more →

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To Southern Blvd due to the anticipated arrival of President Trump. Travel ban will also extend eastward to the ocean. Resident living within this zone, will be granted access with proper identification. Now living in Asia, Tim adamantly denies those accusations. “I am aware that there have been some media reports that my parents were ‘grooming’ me for espionage,” he… Read more →

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