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The data were analysed using thematic analysis.Results: Two main themes were identified: (1) barriers and (2) facilitators to physical activity and sport. Overall, the young transgender adults were insufficiently active due to inadequate changing facilities, body dissatisfaction, fears surrounding ‘passing’ and not being accepted by others. At the same time, participants were motivated to engage in physical activity to increase… Read more →

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At the top of the list will be Alexander Vindman, an Army lieutenant colonel assigned to work at the White House, who listened to the phone call before Trump and Ukraine’s president. Citizen” a reference to Trump pressing Ukraine’s president to launch an investigation that included Democrat Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter. Military aid to help Ukraine defend itself… Read more →

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I do not think the “official reaction” was handled well. I do not like that this community requires someone to post 1,000 characters plus of disclaimer/proving your true critterness before posting anything resembling criticism of the cast/crew/show. And i do not like that you were effectively “punished” for trying to be involved in the fandom. Cleveland left tackle said Friday… Read more →

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The influence of the anion basicity on the formation of different types of rhodium complexes is also investigated. By introducing a biphosphine ligand, a chelated diphosphine rhodium complex is formed in ionic liquids with more basic anions and verified by both XPS and Infrared Spectroscopy (IR). The measured Rh 3d binding energies are correlated to the reaction selectivity of a… Read more →

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Much like the process in 2015, this election cycle’s candidates will fill out their paperwork at the desk of Stephen A. Bullock, the New Hampshire legislator who sponsored the original measure that established the state’s primary. The desk was donated by Bullock’s family and is usually housed at the New Hampshire archives building just over a mile from the state… Read more →

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Speaking of the monster, it unlike anything you seen on film. It a mixture of a German expressionistic nightmare crossed with Jack the Ripper and director Jennifer Kent expertly picks and chooses when to reveal parts of it. When it does arrive, it often at the edge of the frame resulting in a more terrifying experience because you have no… Read more →

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In the letter Klein discusses issues the department has run into while trying to market the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. He also points out changes other cities have made to remove or shorten non geographic words from their names. Fast Fourier transform was used for DF identification. HDF areas were identified as the maximum DF to 0.25 Hz below… Read more →

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