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Paul: Oh, that’s a very good question, Fraser. You’re thinking about these incredibly high densities in the early universe, and it’s natural to wonder why it didn’t just behave like a black hole behaves and crunch down into an infinitely dense point why even bother expanding? And it’s important to remember here just how different black holes are from the… Read more →

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Another thing. Stand your ground is not the problem in Florida. Process of this state is where the problem is. Formore on all of these stories, check out tonight’s episode of “Capital Tonight.” We joined tonight by three members of the capitol press corps to discuss the week legislative headlines: Terry Stutz with the Dallas Morning News, Ross Ramsey with… Read more →

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Results: Fourteen dogs and five cats were included in the study with various single congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts variations. With the exception of those shunts involving the right gastric vein, the identification of the intrahepatic arborisation was similar on both modalities. Subjectively, however, there was improved contrast enhancement, as well as slight enlargement of the intrahepatic portal vasculature, on portovenography… Read more →

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The BasicsMost people know where the nose is, but it’s the insides that count when talking about nose bleeds. Branches of both the internal and external carotid arteries supply the nose. An important landmark is Little’s area, also known as Keisselbach’s plexus, where the ends of several of the arteries supplying the nose meet and anastomose1. However, it is also… Read more →

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However, asymmetric fibre patterns can potentially be distinguished once spatial information from neighbouring voxels is taken into account. We propose a neighbourhood constrained spherical deconvolution approach that is capable of inferring asymmetric fibre orientation distributions (A fods). Importantly, we further design and implement a tractography algorithm that utilises the estimated A fods, since the commonly used streamline tractography paradigm cannot… Read more →

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