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A decline of small farms is problematic, as production on large scale farms requires massive inputs of chemical fertilizers and water. Additionally, these farms often pay immigrant employees less than enough money to feed themselves. The goal of this study is explore the ways in which local food can be made more accessible in Mid Maine. MacArthur is a street… Read more →

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The same is true of San Francisco, which Austin passed on the most populous list in 2011. Like Washington, San Francisco currently the nation’s 13th most populous city, with 864,816 people has features we associate with large cities, such as major art and science museums, convenient public transportation, multiple vibrant and walk able neighborhoods, and big league professional sports teams.… Read more →

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The two most common pathogens (illness causing substances) are E. Coli and Salmonella, with Salmonella being the leader in causing deaths from foodborne illness. E. Extraction of liquid crystals from flat panel display devices using both liquid and supercritical carbon dioxideHunt, A. J., Clark, J. H., Breeden, S. This secret war against nutritional supplement companies is being waged entirely outside… Read more →

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Paul: Oh, that’s a very good question, Fraser. You’re thinking about these incredibly high densities in the early universe, and it’s natural to wonder why it didn’t just behave like a black hole behaves and crunch down into an infinitely dense point why even bother expanding? And it’s important to remember here just how different black holes are from the… Read more →

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Another thing. Stand your ground is not the problem in Florida. Process of this state is where the problem is. Formore on all of these stories, check out tonight’s episode of “Capital Tonight.” We joined tonight by three members of the capitol press corps to discuss the week legislative headlines: Terry Stutz with the Dallas Morning News, Ross Ramsey with… Read more →