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A survey was administered to 1,097 adolescents aged between 11 and 18 years. The results indicated that (i) reliability of the adapted scale was excellent; factor validity showed unidimensionality, and construct validity was adequate. The findings also indicated that(ii) prevalence of online problem users was 5.2% and that they were more likely to younger males that engaged in online gaming… Read more →

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Due to its limited reach outside of urban areas, Seamless’ advertisement campaign seems to target a mentality that is often associated with big city living. It interpolates a consumer who is a young, well educated and media savvy professional with a comfortable salary and a liberal mindset. Although this audience appears to be every advertiser’s dream in theory, this market… Read more →

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Du. Bakboord (AS. Bcbord), whence also the equiv. ZT/OV: The reception has been overwhelming. It’s showing up in ‘Popular on Netflix’ in Pakistan and ‘Trending’ in the Uk and counting. Streaming platforms will certainly make bringing taboo topics to the fore easier. 55 ans, Ines de la Fressange, que l’on qualifie volontiers de gourou des quinquas panouies, s’impose de nouveau… Read more →

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After helping to start the Moxie Festival, Anicetti became the keeper of all things Moxie, including items donated to him and lots of new Moxie merchandise he sold proudly. But the 76 year old has decided to retire and is selling the store. Besides Moxie collectibles, the auction Saturday will include soda fountain fixtures, malted mixers, old pop bottles, 100… Read more →

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Decisions about which treatments to provide in publicly funded healthcare systems are partly based on the preferences of the general public. Preferences can be obtained by describing a health state before and after a treatment in words ( vignettes TM). Vignettes can be lengthy and use unfamiliar terminology. You could probably just transfer everything into the slow cooker crock right… Read more →

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Molecules with receptor like properties are almost exclusively parasite specific, whereas transporter like proteins are conserved in model organisms. Validation shows that the majority of surface proteome constituents are bona fide surface associated proteins and, as expected, most present at the flagellar pocket. Moreover, the largest systematic analysis of trypanosome surface molecules to date provides evidence that the cell surface… Read more →

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White J. Pawsey A. Moore L. On one hand, it is necessary to take into account either the dependence for adjacent age groups or the dependence structure across time in a single population setting “a sort of intradependence structure. On the other hand, the dependence across multiple populations, which we describe as interdependence, can be explored for capturing common long… Read more →

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