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Contemporary debates around matters of HE pedagogy must be understood within the context of a consumerist ethos of education (Love, 2013; Williams, 2013). Such a context is increasingly encouraging the ‘lecturer’ to facilitate the student experience whilst helping students manage their own learning. Notions of ‘Student centred learning’ appear laudable; however they often fail to comprehend the intricate activity of… Read more →

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Bowie’s real modern masterpiece arrived in 2002. Heathen is an absolutely devastating album, one that draws from the best parts of Bowie’s past without ever seeming like a mere remake. There are no dispensable tracks, there’s tremendous stylistic variety, there’s emotional and spiritual depth, and there are some songs that rank among Bowie’s very best.. Would like to apologize for… Read more →

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Permanent Magnet brushless DC motors are now competing with many other types of motors in the world industries application. However, for low and medium power applications, brushless DC motors are often the main option due to its recognized advantage such as having no commutator, more efficient, need less maintenance, smaller in size and can operate at higher speeds than conventional… Read more →

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Il y a deux ans, Fabritec a achet la nouvelle machinerie d’une usine de fabrication de portes de thermoplastique du Kentucky, qui venait d’tre emporte par la rcession. C’tait risqu puisque nous voulions modifier l’quipement pour faire le dbitage de nos caissons en mlamine tout en gardant ses fonctions premires, souligne t elle. Le systme apporte de faon robotise et… Read more →

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“People think MMA is barbaric, but it’s no more barbaric than rugby or football they’re just contact sports and injuries can happen,” she said. “Every fight is fully refereed and every safety precaution is taken, except having the barrier which the ban took away the safety of. “In MMA, if fights get too close to the cage, the ref re… Read more →