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The sensing mechanism is based on the measurement of the refractive index (RI) change induced by a complex of the VOCs with calixarene. The LPG, modified with a coating of 5 cycles of (SiO2 NPs/PAH) and infused with CA[4] or CA[8], was exposed to chloroform, benzene, toluene and acetone vapours. The British Standards test of the VOCs emissions from material… Read more →

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Medgate, c’est le truc qu’on rapporterait de la Suisse dans nos valises, dit la Qubcoise. Elle s’tonne que la mdecine au tlphone ait suscit autant de malaise, la semaine dernire au Qubec, la suite des rvlations de La Presse propos de DocTel. Ce service permet d’obtenir un diagnostic et une prescription au tlphone pour 38$.. Successfully securing a job that… Read more →

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As a society, we have corrupted so many of the ideals and institutions that create opportunities for individuals to better themselves.As an academic surgeon at the UW, I have witnessed continued erosion of academic standards inSets precedent for other offensesClippers owner Donald Sterling’s private conversation expressing personal views that are highly offensive to many Americans has resulted in a lifetime… Read more →

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Regime change in Venezuela, or dissenters on the prevailing orthodoxies about Russia, have largely been disappeared from mainstream media outlets. They know propaganda is their job. Government and Media Spread Pro War , The Intercept, (10 March 2019). Sufferings In The Forests. Arrival Of New Recruits. Fresh Discoveries And Disasters. In conclusion, uncorrected multilayer network analysis leads to biases. These… Read more →