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Tomblin made an appearance on MetroNews’ Talkline program October 6, where he warned that the reductions would not improve the state’s revenue situation by next year, and that more cuts are on the horizon. “It [next year’s budget] will be an austere budget,” he said. “No one was able to see the sudden drop in the price of natural gas… Read more →

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(Thanks to The Green Bay Press Gazette)A grant has brought a composer into the middle school where he is helping seventh graders to compose a symphony which they will soon perform in concert. He had each student compose a three to five note melody for their instrument. “”He names the movements after what the music sounds like,” said (band instructor… Read more →

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TakabeY. L. LiuS. Is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our loving husband and father, the statement said. So hard to imagine our world without him, however he will live on forever through his music. Announced his cancer diagnosis via a video last month from his AXS TV reality series Money. Santa Monica Baykeeper and California Science Center… Read more →

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In response to Mike North’s column I believe his opinion was nave and closed minded. One of North’s main points was that the main purpose of getting married was to “be fruitful and multiply.” If everyone could only married for the sole purpose of having children, many perfectly happy, successful, long term couples would not be together right now. There… Read more →

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The “Earth” frequency as a basis for healingWith modern society bombarding us with so much electromagnetic energy, it seems increasingly obvious that getting more in tune with the “Earth energy” is universally healing. People who leave big, noisy cities and move out to the country enjoy spectacular health improvements. People who contact the earth through gardening, outdoors activities or consuming… Read more →

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The conflict brought into question the relationship the Parliamentary Party had with the membership with the reforms that resulted in Ian Duncan Smith’s victory in 2001. It was not until David Cameron assume the leadership in 2005 that there were successful strides towards modernising the Party. Up until the hiring of Lynton Crosby the political language and policies showed that… Read more →