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As we reported yesterday the Queen has launched her own Facebook page. By last night, however, it had been monstered, awash with disrespectful images, half of them political, the other half lewd and juvenile, as scores of anti monarchists and sniggering adolescents let loose. The site was littered with anti royalist references to the British in Northern Ireland, and with… Read more →

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Concentration of stress and higher plastic stain accumulations are observed at the peak region of the roughness profile and crack initiations are expected to occur at those regions. Using accumulated plastic strain as a failure criterion for the fatigue, shorter fatigue lifetime is expected for specimen with rougher surface relative to the polished specimen. Optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)… Read more →

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Binoculars with 16X magnification and higher are on the outside edge of high magnification at hand held capabilities. They are truly designed exclusively as mounted astronomical binoculars. Most have excellent eye relief, but when combined with aperture size, a tripod or monopod is suggested for steady viewing. Real uniforms, real names return. Black and white weekend is over and we… Read more →

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Just a thank you for your tireless,fair,tough,thorough, professional journalism.The prime minister heads into tonight’s nationally televised, French language leaders’ debate with only Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Quebecois as a potential supportive dance partner after the votesare counted on Oct. 19.NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May both slammed the door this week on any prospect of… Read more →

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