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They tend to be impatient, self centred, shallow and flirtatious, and may threaten self harm if they fail to get what they want.Narcissistic personality disorder may result in a similar picture to that of mania, with the individual believing that they are somehow better than everyone else, thus making them entitled to special treatment and universal adoration. They may spend… Read more →

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Stereo’s primary mission is to give three dimensional views of space weather by observing the sun from the two points where the spacecraft are located. Images and other data are then combined for study and analysis. Space weather produces disturbances in electromagnetic fields on Earth that can induce extreme currents in wires, disrupting power lines and causing wide spread blackouts.… Read more →

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He a World Golf Hall of Famer, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, a PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award winner and, among a list of many other accolades that is too long to mention here, is widely regarded as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Open only once though, here in Colorado, at Cherry Hills Country Club… Read more →

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That happen around the country and around the world do affect to some degree how we respond here in Cleveland, Chief Calvin Williams said during an interview on CBS News the Nation. Have long been concerns about violent protests and clashes between those who support the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, and those who oppose the real estate mogul and his… Read more →

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With the novelty of burgers and fries on the wane, and health concerns of such food rising, fast food chains have been searching for ever more inventive ways to attract new customers and keep revenues rising. Such was the motivation behind McDonald’s’ decision in 2006 to enlist Philippe Avanzi, one of France’s leading interior designers, to develop a strategy to… Read more →

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During this period, Galileo made significant discoveries in both pure fundamental science as well as practical applied science. His multiple interests included the study of astrology, which at the time was a discipline tied to the studies of mathematics and astronomy. Using his own technical skills as a mathematician and as a craftsman, Galileo began to make a series of… Read more →

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Purpose: This article illustrates how successful leaders combine the too often dichotomized practices of transformational and instructional leadership in different ways across different phases of their schools TM development in order to progressively shape and layer the improvement culture in improving students TM outcomes. Research Methods: Empirical data were drawn from a 3 year mixed methods national study ( Impact… Read more →

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