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ABC News delivers a big picture understanding of the world to empower and inspire viewers to make confident decisions for themselves and their families. More people get their news from ABC News than from any other source. ABC News is responsible for all of the ABC Television Network’s news programming on a variety of platforms: television, radio, and the Internet.… Read more →

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Apparently the idea of using jets to propel aircraft was first suggested in 1865 but, despite the simplicity of jets, the earliest aircraft to be built and flown were propeller driven. Jet propulsion was not seriously considered again until some 25 years after the Wright brothers were credited with achieving the first sustained and controlled, powered flight. This was by… Read more →

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Traffic is affected in both directions. 8.25am WORLD NEWS: Part of the ceiling at London famous Apollo Theatre has collapsed, trapping and injuring people inside during a performance. 8.20am You either a big city person, or you not. Officials did not say when a new ban might be imposed. Airline said that carriers had been in talks with government officials… Read more →

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That may explain why so many people want the job. However, given the surprise announcement, few of them were immediately prepared to throw their hat into the ring, including White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, Quigley’s predecessor in Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, who has talked about his desire to be Chicago’s mayor. Yet whoever wants to run for mayor… Read more →

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It’s dangerous to have a nation full of young caffeine addicts. The caffeine and high sugar content of these drinks has prompted many adults to take action. Coca Cola is already listening somewhat to consumers’ demands. It’s your responsibility to protect all the people in this town. Not just one segment. The idea that the Town Council should take any… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe use of concepts is fundamental to human level cognition, but there remain a number of open questions as to the structures supporting this competence. Specifically, it has been shown that humans use concept prototypes, a flexible means of representing concepts such that it can be used both for categorisation and for similarity judgements. In the context… Read more →