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It would also allow them to work legally in the country. For tose who were concerned the action equaled amnesty, Obama insisted the program would not constitute a path to citizenship. The administration had scheduled to begin accepting applications for the expansion Wednesday.. The result? I wake happy the next morning, and don’t mind the kids barrelling into bed and… Read more →

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There are many reasons one might become an entrepreneur: seeking opportunity, autonomy, freedom or a legacy, or out of responsibility to society or family. But for Southeast residents like Julie Ramirez, 28, and Elena Salinas, 31, motivation comes from many sources. Ramirez grew up in the Pikes Peak Park neighborhood and has spent the last few years “readying a Southeast… Read more →

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Shree Kulkarni, the developer appointed to Cincinnati’s Historic Conservation Board by City Manager Harry Black, has a history of destruction. In 2012, Kulkarni waged a two year battled with the board to demolish a building in the Fourth Street Historic District that he claimed he was going to rehabilitate. He eventually convinced a judge to allow him to tear down… Read more →

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The complaint is that some people can conveniently get to the polls on a specific day or a registration office. BALDERDASH! Elections are not held every day. Registration sites are available for weeks/months before every election. Down’s syndrome occurs when a person has three, rather than two copies of chromosome 21; or the specific area of chromosome 21 implicated in… Read more →

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Dans la cour de l’ancienne usine de textile Grover (occupe aujourd’hui par une foule de cratifs montralais) se cache ce restaurant dernier cri l’ambiance folle et au dcor clectique. Aprs avoir pass la porte dudit garage, l’htesse vous accueille, iPad la main, pour vous guider dans cette enclave d’originalit inattendue. dcouvrir de toute urgence (si ce n’est dj fait)!. As… Read more →

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However, they complement (multiplicative effects) each other in promoting exploitation and exploration. Interestingly, the balanced effect of perceived position driven power and perceived capability driven power is positively related to exploration, while no such an impact is found in terms of exploitation. This study provides alternative insights about inter organizational learning in asymmetric alliances and points out a direction for… Read more →

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Item Type:Event, Show or ExhibitionItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstract’She Works She Writes’ is a work that simultaneously incorporates the narrative documentation of a live action as an integral element of its performance. It analyses the processes and methods of the body as archival record and interpretative account and explores the dialogue between the body politic, as the objectifiable property of performance, and… Read more →

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This focus will allow for new conceptualizations of trans sexuality.Additional Information:The sexualisation of transgender is a thorny issue due to the negative undertones within sexological texts. After many years of being on the one hand, silenced about sexuality or on the other hyper sexualized, for fear of being pigeon holed as unworthy recipients of medical interventions by the medical teams… Read more →

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