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Chinese Horseradish MustardHave you ever considered Chinese horseradish mustard and several egg rolls? If you’re in the right restaurant, a quarter inch of egg roll dipped in mustard should take the top of your head clean off. There’s something very penetrating about horseradish fumes if it burns too much, open your mouth surreptitiously and let some of the fumes escape.… Read more →

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T has already started impounding a small number of scooters from companies that fail to respond per the terms of the MOU, T Deputy Director Hillary Orr said. Once a scooter is impounded, the company in question must pay the city for the cost of transporting and storing it. The process behind impounding scooters is still a work in progress..… Read more →

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The problem may be extended to consider the design of additional components, such as reservoirs, tanks, pumps and valves. Practical designs must also cater for the uncertainty of demand, the requirement of surplus capacity for future growth, and the hydraulic reliability of the system under different demand and potential failure conditions.The thesis reviews the literature related to water distribution networks,… Read more →

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Two dimensional resonant inelastic x ray scattering (RIXS) and resonant photoelectron spectroscopy (RPES) maps are presented for multilayer and monolayer coverages of an aromatic molecule (bi isonicotinic acid) on the rutile TiO2(110) single crystal surface. The data reveals ultra fast intramolecular vibronic coupling upon core excitation from the N 1s orbital into the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) derived resonance.… Read more →

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