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Objective: A major challenge in non stationary signal analysis is reliable estimation of correlation. Neurophysiological recordings can be many minutes in duration with data that exhibits correlation which changes over different time scales. Local smoothing can be used to estimate time dependency, however, an effective framework needs to adjust levels of smoothing in response to changes in correlation.Approach: Here we… Read more →

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Of the reason that I am who I am is my Puritan roots run deep, he told the AP in 2011. Folks are Puritan. My folks are prohibitionists. Unanchored polyubiquitin chains are emerging as importanregulators of cellular physiology with diverse roles paralleling those of substrate conjugated polyubiquitin. However tools able to discriminate unanchored polyubiquitin chains of different isopeptide linkages have… Read more →

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Scientists attending the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) “Sound of Silence” meeting at Arizona State University in Tempe this week are worried. Their concern focuses on some aspects of the scientific community who want to advertise and educate sufficiently advanced lifeforms beyond Earth about our presence and location in the cosmos. Previous efforts have included information about our biology… Read more →

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They got minor league depth. The pitcher, Andrew Sopko, is considered the better prospect than shortstop Ronny Brito. He moved from San Antonio to New Mexico, has some calls out, and is hoping to stay in baseball in some capacity Department of brain cramp: Last week I listed the most exciting players in the NHL and somehow missed Elias Pettersson.… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractBACKGROUND: Research on risk assessment with offenders with an intellectual disability (ID) has largely focused on estimating the predictive accuracy of static or dynamic risk assessments, or a comparison of the two approaches. The aim of this study was to explore how static and dynamic risk variables may ‘work together’ to predict violent behaviour. METHODS: Data from… Read more →

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As soon as you meet him, he starts affectionately purring and head bumping. He qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors program, reducing his adoption fee to just $20 for adopters age 60 and up. Oscar is available for adoption at Pet Food Express, 320 S Lake Ave, Pasadena.. Meanwhile, the Republican frontrunner for governor, Rep. Ron DeSantis, is joining Democratic… Read more →

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