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The hyporheic zone of river ecosystems provides a habitat for a diverse macroinvertebrate community that makes a vital contribution to ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. However, effective methods for sampling this community have proved difficult to establish, due to the inaccessibility of subsurface sediments. The aim of this study was to compare the two most common semi quantitative macroinvertebrate pump sampling… Read more →

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This paper investigates the production decisions that the DoD faces when increasing its share of renewable energy to meet this objective. A linear programming model is created to solve for the cost effective renewable energy portfolio mix for each military base to meet its production target of renewable energy. The renewable sources utilized in each base’s energy portfolio include solar,… Read more →

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals and lubricants to be used d. Proof of liability Insurance 18. Be registered with DUNS, ORCA and list your TIN number. Wisconsin 7th District covers all or parts of 20 central, northern and northwestern Wisconsin counties and is the state largest congressional district geographically. In 2012, Republican Mitt Romney carried the district… Read more →

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After years of development, the systems are today made of high grade stainless steel and have an expected life of over 30 years.The requirements for EGCS today include new types of materials such as glass reinforced plastic pipes, special stainless steels, hull coatings, use of monitoring equipment etc. These are all reliable and long lasting if the installations are undertaken… Read more →

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A draft copy of the schedule will be initiated by the OHP and sent to the successful Contractor for review and any needed adjustments. Performance Standards: SEE ATTACHED DD FORM 1423 CONTRACT DATA REQUIREMENTS LIST (CDRL) Basis for Evaluation: Award will be made to the responsible contractor whose quote or offer meets the technical requirements and represents and provides the… Read more →

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Now that you know a little more about how you run, use that info to your advantage. Understanding your gait can help you run longer, stronger, and injury free. Regardless of what you learn, there really no reason to try to correct your gait; science says the best running stride is the one that comes naturally to you. Under Hendren’s… Read more →

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The corporation was organised as a distributor, each of the artists retaining entire control of his or her respective producing activities, delivering to United Artists the completed pictures for distribution on the same general plan they would have followed with a distributing organisation which they did not own. The stock of United Artists was divided equally among the founders. This… Read more →

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Last year, Wisconsin Carry, Inc. (WCI) won a lawsuit against a school in Wisconsin that forbid a student from wearing a pro gun T shirt. In addition to being ready, willing, able and eager to file as many lawsuits as there are willing plaintiffs in schools across the state, WCI has started 2ATuesday. The V20 features three microphones to isolate… Read more →

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Plunging necklines have been around for a long time, and aren’t going anywhere anytime too soon. Sometimes the plunging neckline can be cut too low for comfort. An accidental slip is all you need to find yourself exposed to all in eyeshot. This pattern of structural covariance was specific totemporal cortex. These results add to our knowledge of the neural… Read more →

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The International Living Future Institute is an environmental NGO committed to catalyzing the transformation toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. ILFI is premised on the belief that providing a compelling vision for the future is a fundamental requirement for reconciling humanity relationship with the natural world. ILFI operates the Living Building Challenge, the built environment… Read more →