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“Unlike other districts that only had to address teacher salaries, VEA and VPS had to negotiate an entire contract,” said VPS Superintendent Steve Webb. “I am grateful to the bargaining teams for working very hard together to come to an agreement. And, I especially want to thank our teachers and staff, parents and community members for their patience and understanding… Read more →

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S. Department of Commerce (DOC), , Aircraft Operations Center (AOC), located at MacDill AFB, FL. The government intends to issue a fixed price purchase order for a warranty protection plan for a Honeywell model 36 150G auxiliary power unit that is installed on the NOAA Gulfstream GIV aircraft. Many require hours to play rather than minutes. There are whole genres… Read more →

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“The Bennett Plan in its various versions,” she explained, “is a groundbreaking historic planning effort that has been honored and celebrated for nearly 100 years. We are fortunate to have had such a plan in our city and fortunate that it has been followed, or at least, not violated, for so long. We believe that the 1925 completed plan is… Read more →

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Been going thru the data over and over. Thinking about it and dreaming about it. I read and re read all the currently reasonable explanations I can lay my hands on (and understand) and yet none of them provide the final final definitive answer(s). The ELCA decision to allow gay clergy has strained ties between those denominations, some of whom… Read more →

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Understanding ethical issues requires the understanding of ethics itself, particularly its function. Most social and philosophical research in this area holds that the primary or even sole purpose of ethics is to maintain a functional degree of social homogeneity (a classic theme in functionalist sociology) in, or to protect the social organism (a central theme of classic works such as… Read more →

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