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Ligation of Mertk on macrophages results in anti inflammatory cytokine responses via NF kB p50 upregulation, which in turn limits tumor control following radiation therapy. We demonstrate that in immunogenic tumors, loss of Mertk is sufficient to permit tumor cure following radiation therapy. However, in poorly immunogenic tumors, TGFb inhibition is also required to result in tumor cure following radiation… Read more →

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Each of these systems need to be satisfied or adhered to thousands of requirements. Traditional System Engineering (SE) approaches require updating and tracking requirements against their functional or behavioural components manually. On top of that, during early design review stages, mission system engineers may also needs to carefully modify or delete requirements without compromising effects of that on other interconnected… Read more →

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The risk of bias was mainly low for the index test and reference standard domains and mainly high or unclear for participant selection and participant flow. Concerns regarding the applicability of study findings were largely scored as High TM concern in three of four domains assessed. Selective participant recruitment, lack of reproducibility of diagnostic thresholds and lack of detail on… Read more →

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Thanks to the ethical lapses, Chernow argues that Grant’s efforts to reunite the nation and protect the freed slaves get far less attention than they should. Throughout his presidency, Grant repeatedly intervened to block the worst outrages against African Americans, vigorously opposed the Ku Klux Klan, and sought legislation such as the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave black people the right… Read more →

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In the pages to follow, I will take a chronological examination of the Sochi Opening Ceremonies by way of NBC coverage. By employing the NBCs 6 hour live coverage, Full Replay: Opening Ceremony, I will draw attention to what Russias intentions were in their elaborate display of performances and how NBC was able to guide Americas focus on specific aspects… Read more →

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Here it is assumed, that the pressure driven shell will be restrained only by the ram pressure created by its own velocity and the density of the surrounding medium. This assumption is correct if we consider the surrounding medium to be cold. However, if we take photo ionization into account the situation becomes rather more complicated. But what’s most ironic… Read more →

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But when it overreacts in response to hunger, dehydration, standing up quickly, standing too long, intense laughter, sudden fright, severe coughing, pain, vomiting and, of course, the sight of blood, among other triggers it causes a vasovagal response, which does not generally occur with other phobias.”In vasovagal syncope the vagus nerve overreacts to an increase in blood pressure and heart… Read more →