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The main contribution of this paper is to show the accuracy of ZTD estimation achievable in PPP. The analysis also provides the GNSS users and researchers the insight of the processing algorithm dependence and impact on PPP ZTD estimation. Observation data of eight whole days from a total of nine International GNSS Service (IGS) tracking stations spread in the northern… Read more →

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He analyses some basic tenets and arguments of postmodernism, the sort of information that students are frequently introduced to, and we see him struggle to make sense of this for himself. He accepts the need to be critical of one’s own assumptions but this also presents him with a practical dilemma. Where does the questioning end, and if reality is… Read more →

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Overexpression of miR 24 in both cell lines led to diminished transepithelial electrical resistance and increased dextran flux, suggesting an effect on barrier integrity. Overexpression of miR 24 did not induce apoptosis or affect cell proliferation, suggesting that the effect of miR 24 on barrier function was due to an effect on cell cell junctions. Although the tight junctions in… Read more →